Govenor Christie's Plea to Change How America Handles Drug Addicts

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Lewis Finch, Welwynn Founder, tells his personal story of recovery

Lewis Finch, Company Founder, President, CEO  

Welwynn Outpatient Center was born from my own experience with addiction. Like many professionals with successful careers, I managed to build a...

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Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction

It's challenging to help a loved one struggling with any type of addiction. Sometimes a direct, heart-to-heart conversation can start the road to recovery. But when it comes to addiction, the... Read More

Is ‘Nurse Jackie’ a good portrait of addiction in the medical profession?

'Nurse Jackie' returned for a final season on Showtime on Sunday night and once again received praise for its realistic portrayal of addiction. At the start of last season, I asked an expert about...

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Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk

Anita Bertrand doesn't remember much about the first time she stole narcotics she was supposed to administer to surgical patients. She doesn't remember exactly when she installed the intravenous...

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Alarm at growing addiction problems among professionals

Experts are calling for urgent action to tackle the "significant challenge" of rising levels of alcoholism and substance abuse among professionals including doctors, dentists and lawyers.

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Drug addiction among nurses: Confronting a quiet epidemic

Your colleague on the night shift is a stellar nurse. Her background, experience, and demonstrated skills are top-notch. She is working extra shifts to help cover expenses while her husband is...

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